Employers are required to respond quickly and implement new rules in the aftermath of pandemics and worldwide catastrophes, pushing businesses to keep track of who enters their premises.

To maintain the security of any business, strict permission and security checks are essential. Streamlining the flow of visitors is a continuous pain for most industries, and it is because of this that the majority of security failures occur. Sticking with outdated visitor log books is no longer enough to deal with today's issues. Manual logbooks are time-consuming, making the procedure laborious and, eventually, making it difficult to keep track of visits. This problem can be solved by a smart system that can efficiently process your gate management.

What is an EntryBook?

The EntryBook is a piece of software that helps you grant access to any visitor, vehicle, packages, and raw materials to your business premises. These visitors may be carrying any belongings that can be captured and tagged in the AI-powered system. Anything that goes in and out of the premises is completely under your guard’s control and he doesn’t have to do anything other than monitor and grant or deny access.

This technology substitutes the traditional registry records with a more accessible AI-powered system. It allows you to keep a record of who enters your buildings, campuses, or other facilities. It's feasible because visitors must check in and use ID cards to gain access to specific areas, allowing the administration to keep a cloud-based data capture to fall back on. The visitor's face, baggage, vehicle details, meeting information, and so on are captured in a series of images and are saved and processed in the cloud. This helps your business speed up the entire gate entry process without sacrificing security and visitor verification. 

Allows for Quick Access

​Authorized visitors are escorted or directed into locations once they are granted access. The ability to print badges with important information, log attendance in case of an employee on the spot reduces downtime while maintaining security. Security can be better prepared to handle peak time inflows and footfalls with the instant registration and verification feature making their work hassle-free.

Increased Productivity

According to studies, security guards spend a significant amount of time simply catering to visitors. If you do the math, you'll find that answering the problems and questions of strangers takes around 2.5 to 3 hours every day. The implementation of a state-of-the-art gate entry management system is required to save security force’s time and make the most of every second of their day.

Visitors will be less confused if a snappy gate management system is installed on the security guards’  phones when they are deployed at the building's gate. Furthermore, when visitors' actions at the entry point are simplified, security guards are free to focus on other activities.

Saving Time For Everyone

There are instances when a visitor arrives with the anticipation of meeting the host in most businesses. The security guard will have the guest fill out a form before calling the host, who may be engaged with another work. For everyone, a lot of time is sacrificed to make ends meet. This time can be saved and things may be made much easier with the AI-powered application. 

Comprehensive Contractor Management

Collaborating with contractors in a large facility requires trust: if you don't have a complete sign-in/sign-out system in place, you're effectively trusting your contractors to charge you accurately.

If you don't have a system in place and your contractor sends you a charge for six hours of labor, you're stuck trusting the bill is accurate.

Using an EntryBook, on the other hand, you can keep track of when your contractors started and stopped working. Employing smart gate entry management for contractor/ vendor management ensures that you are being billed appropriately, which saves your organization time and money.

It's difficult to register visitors at any facility, but it's considerably more difficult at a multi-lingual dialect region of the said facility. When an immigrant visitor is coming around, immigrants are naturally not fluent in the local dialect which the security guard is only fluent in, and the last thing you want to do is make things more difficult for the visitor to communicate.

However, you try to accommodate, problems do arise. For some visitors, language might be a barrier, and no facility wants to turn away a customer because they can't pronounce their name.

A facility in west Bengaluru, for example, was experiencing trouble with language difficulties at its check-in counter. This facility serves a clientele with a large percentage of customers who speak Kannada as a second language.

The language barrier made things tough for all parties involved because the facility needed guests to submit their names and other identifying details at check-in.

The facility opted to scan the drivers' license instead of asking for the guest's name and contact information orally. In this situation, an AI powered system comes in to extract all of the essential information automatically from the ID card, avoiding any misunderstanding.

Instead of slogging through five or six questions, the check-in security guard could now just point to an image of a license, ask the visitor for his or her license, and the data would be immediately captured.

Using a document reader feature in conjunction with an Entry Management system is a fantastic method to gather visitor data without having to ask too many questions, as well as validating a guest's identification by scanning a certified government ID credential.

Enhance Your Security by Being Proactive

When it comes to security, most businesses take a reactive strategy. The latest security management system such as the Entrybook App includes a wide range of technologies that can successfully remove threats. A dedicated visitor registration system will aid in providing the highest level of hospitality to your visitors while also safeguarding the premises' access.

As a result, get rid of the logbooks and keep track of visitors in a more effective and accountable manner. Additionally, by getting information, you will be able to follow visitor trend analysis and take preventive steps in no time!